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TechTriad Extreme Nonprofit Makeover

This project is made possible by grants from generous local foundations.

2018 Makeover Recipient: Interactive Resource Center

We are happy to announce that the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) is the recipient of the 2018 TechTriad & Friends Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. The IRC will receive a technology makeover to upgrade computers and phones for the office and IRC staff, provide WiFi throughout the 22,000 SQFT building, get phone lines and voicemail boxes to clients and (if we can make it happen) upgrade the technology for the interns who work directly with guests.

Would you like to support the Makeover for the IRC? Your donations go directly to the IRC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

“The IRC works alongside our neighbors experiencing homelessness to help them to reconnect to their lives and the community at large,” IRC Executive Director Michelle Kennedy remarked. “Over the past few years, it has been increasingly challenging to help our guests without the proper technology resources in place. We are so grateful to receive the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover grant that will provide such a vast improvement on our current technology resources and in turn make a huge difference in helping our vulnerable neighbors reach success.”

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is an annual TechTriad project that provides a local nonprofit member of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, with a technology makeover. Started by TechTriad in 2005 with a new website for a local nonprofit, the project has grown to include six companies who provide their talents free of charge.

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is funded by a grant from The Cemala Foundation and occasional grants from other foundations and institutions. There is no charge to the annual recipient.

Local 501(c)(3) nonprofits who are members of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium are eligible and the focus of their work must be local.

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Provides

  • A new self-editable WordPress website and training
  • New logo or social media training
  • Major technology upgrades
  • SEO keyword research for their new website and web copy training
  • Some receive a new VoIP phone system
  • We often lower your monthly internet and phone bills
  • A year of free managed Google AdWords (valued at $100,000)
  • Software training for your new tools.
  • And lots of new friends!

Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Rules

The nominated nonprofit must be a member of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium.

If your group is not a member, JOIN NOW. The GNPC is low-cost and high-reward.

  • The group’s leadership must WANT our help. This project takes work and the nonprofit’s staff time. They must commit their time.
  • The group’s work can be faith-based as long as their services are offered to everyone regardless of religion.
  • A written non-discrimination policy must be in place; the nonprofit does NOT discriminate based on race, religion, age, sexual orientation or anything similar.
  • The goal of the makeover is to enable the nonprofit to help MORE people improve their lives, support their families and become better citizens in our area. We will ask how they will help more people if they receive a makeover.
  • The nonprofit’s work must focus on Guilford County, NC.
  • Nominations for 2018 start January 29, 2018 and close February 28, 2018.
  • The team chooses two or three semi-finalists in mid-March and we visit their offices to see if what they need is what we can do.
  • We try to announce the year’s recipient on March 15 each year.
  • WE LOOK FOR SUSTAINABILITY. Is there salaried staff who can carry on the work next year?
  • Nominated groups must be a member of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium. If not? Join!

TechTriad Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Team

Dr. Sue Polinsky, TechTriad
Dr. Sue Polinsky, TechTriad
Chris Oakman, Solace IT Solutions
Chris Oakman, Solace IT Solutions
Adrienne Cregar Jandler, Atlantic Webworks
Adrienne Cregar Jandler, Atlantic Webworks
Rob Ainbinder, Why People Click
Rob Ainbinder, Why People Click
Nicky Smith, Carolina Digital
Nicky Smith, Carolina Digital
Sam Moore, SamIAm
Sam Moore, SamIAm
Jeff SanGeorge, Magnetic Media
Jeff SanGeorge, Magnetic Media

About the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover began in 2005 as a TechTriad project initiated by Dr. Sue Polinsky to help a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Greensboro with a new website so they could more easily preserve Afro-American history. In 2005, we built a website for the Afro-American genealogical project and the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover was born.

Each year from 2005 – 2009, TechTriad searched each year for a  nonprofit who did fabulous work for our citizens. We built a new, free website for each group.

  • In 2010, Chris Oakman joined the Makeover. Chris and his team can audit technology, recommend critical upgrades and install, configure and train users!
  • In 2011, Adrienne Cregar Jandler joined us and offered a new logo and graphical templates (for flyers, cards). As if that weren’t enough, her team at Atlantic Webworks also provides social media strategy and training!
  • In 2013, Nicky Smith offered a free VoIP telephone system (install, configure & train) and his amazing skill: how to lower a nonprofit’s monthly telephone and Internet bills!
  • Jeff SanGeorge joined the team in 2015 and brings expert web content writing training.
  • Rob Ainbinder joined us in 2016 and brings $100,000 of Google AdWords credits and a year-long managed ad campaign.
  • Sam Moore rejoined us in 2017 to provide software training and desktop support.

We received a multi-year grant from the Weaver Foundation that paid for the nonprofit’s new computers, servers, tablets, large-screen TVs, cameras and software. In 2017, The Cemala Foundation provided our grant. TechTriad and all the community-caring companies on the team are proud to offer this community service project for free to help the wonderful nonprofits who make our community stronger. In 2018, our grant comes from the foundations that support the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium.

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