TechTriad WordPress Update Policy

WordPress websites need to be updated monthly.  Starting in 2018, we believe that websites should be updated monthly to keep them safe and secure. Theme and plugin developers are sending out updates much more frequently. We want to keep your site up-to-date because sites that aren’t updated are frequently hacked.

TechTriad Requires Update Schedules

We offer you the choice of monthly (recommended) updatesQuarterly updates are available only to “grandfathered-in” sites built prior to January, 2018. As Requested updates will be done only for sites we did not build but are in desperate need of updating or have been hacked or damaged.

Choose the update schedule for your site and complete the online order form. Once you’ve signed up, TechTriad will take care of your site updates.

Why is TechTriad Requiring Regular Updates?

TechTriad has been building, managing and keeping safe websites for 20 years. We’ve learned that sites with outdated or unsupported plugins, old versions of WordPress and suffering from “owner neglect” are often maliciously hacked. This means that your site could be delivering malware (and get blacklisted by search engines) or sending spam (and getting blacklisted by spam providers and web servers).

The best way to prevent these online tragedies is to keep your sites up-to-date.

As Requested

on your schedule

Repair breaks, remove hacks

Replace WordPress core

Update themes & plugins

Remove unused tools

Check your site’s health

Add backup and security tools

Make security recommendations

Back up your site & save to cloud

  • An invoice will be sent to you. Thank you for keeping your site up-to-date and safe!
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