TechTriad offers Adobe Contribute Tutorials on our website and on our YouTube Channel. If you’re a new user, learn how to do everything from using your first “key” to editing included menus and footers on TechTriad websites.

Although Contribute has reached “end of life” and is no longer supported by Adobe, a few of our clients are still using it to edit older websites. Our 5-minute tutorials cover these topics:

  • How to install a Contribute key
  • How to edit a footer include
  • How to upload a file to your website AND create a new folder
  • How to edit a menu include
  • Very basic text editing
  • How to apply heading styles
  • How to replace a Contribute key
  • How to insert images
  • How to upload a file from your computer to your website
  • How to edit page titles for SEO

Our Contribute Tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel.

Adobe Contribute Icon