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We Build Fabulous Low-cost WordPress Sites

TechTriad Builds Custom WordPress themes, WordPress Websites and Fixes WordPress Websites


Everyone at TechTriad understands what it’s like to be overwhelmed with WordPress. We provide written tutorials and personal training sessions where we won’t just walk you through it, but will  make sure you how to use your WordPress website before and after it’s launched!


The costs associated with professional WordPress website development are lower than you think. Call TechTriad today- or use our easy online quote form – for a quote on redesigning your website into WordPress or other custom tools. We know where the free and low-cost tools are to use on your site.


TechTriad builds fabulous WordPress themes! Our expert designers  will create the new clean look that showcases your business and looks right for what you do!


A WordPress site is easy to update and edit. Our WordPress experts will train you and your staff – in person or remotely – before and after your website launches.


All of our WordPress sites use professional security and backup tools. We have WordPress maintenance plans to take care of your site well into the future.

TechTriad Can Develop Your WordPress Website!

Our WordPress Websites

TechTriad staff are experts in custom WordPress Theme design, premium theme customization, and making sure that you and your staff know how to edit and update your site!

There is no “launch and leave” at TechTriad! We are your online strategists and will continue to support you and your new website. Need a new feature? Forgot how to add a video?

Contact TechTriad support and we will reply quickly to resolve your issues! We take pride in how fast we return your support tickets and fix your website problems. We couldn’t be here for 18 years if we didn’t provide fast, fabulous support.

Amazing TechTriad WordPress Support

TechTriad WordPress Support

  • Written support for frequent questions
  • Illustrated how-to guides for slideshows
  • Custom screenshare individual support when you need it
  • Post-launch training and retraining
  • Fast support including 24/7 contact line for urgent issues
  • And we still support Adobe Contribute users with tutorial screencasts!

Believe it! TechTriad builds fabulous websites andprovides amazing support!

Individual and Group WordPress Training

Individual and group training for WordPressWhether you need one-on-one guidance or small team WordPress tips and tricks, we provide the training you want to use your WordPress website.

TechTriad WordPress Training Includes

  • Written tutorials with pictures that easy to follow
  • Documented slideshow step-by-step
  • How to upload movies, pictures, and other media (like PDFs)
  • How to manage your users
  • Best practices to integrate your social media channels with your WordPress site
  • Integrating web and donation forms

We support our clients through on-site training, over the phone, screen-share Web conferencing and Skype. Need training or a workshop? Get in touch!

WordPress Core – Themes – Plugins Updates

TechTriad Maintains and Fixes WordPress SitesAre you receiving “update” notices on your site for WordPress, themes, and plugins? Let TechTriad’s programmers handle your updates safely so your site is never ‘down’ or ‘broken.’  Some of our WordPress website maintenance services include:

  • Backing up your site and updating WordPress core files (new versions of WordPress)
  • Checking plugins to make sure they work with the new version of WordPress
  • Updating the WordPress theme
  • Checking the site for weaknesses or problems and fixing them!

WordPress maintenance is available annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Learn more about our WordPress Maintenance services.

Professional WordPress Security and Cloud Backups

TechTriad Makes Sure Your WordPress Site is Safe and SecureWith a TechTriad WordPress website, you can be sure that it uses professional security tools to stymie hackers and also sends a full backup to your cloud storage.

  • We install and configure professional security and backup tools.
  • A full backup of your WordPress site is sent to your cloud storage.
  • We set up users and assign privileges.
  • We make sure that strong passwords are enforced.
  •  Even if there is a catastrophic failure, we can restore your WordPress site quickly.

TechTriad knows how to manage WordPress websites, back them up and prevent hackers (best at possible!). Contact us to talk about your website redesign today!

Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers & Crashes