Choose Your WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

You must choose one of three plans for site updates.

Beginning in 2018, TechTriad will update your WordPress site monthly (recommended), quarterly or on-demand.


Choose one of three plans to update your site. All plans are pre-paid. On-demand updates are done only when you notify us and pre-pay the first hour.

Please complete the information on the form and TechTriad will schedule your site for updates.

WordPress Updates Include

  • Connector.

    Theme Update

    We update your premium theme to the newest version

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    Update all plugins

    We update all the plugins on your site to the newest versions

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    Backup your site

    We backup your site and store a copy for safety

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    Security Recommendations

    We will make recommendations if we see weaknesses or trouble spots

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  • Invoices will be issued shortly. Thank you for keeping your site up-to-date and safe!
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