WordPress for Business

WordPress for Business

TechTriad has been working with multiple small businesses to build WordPress business websites. With the free infrastructure, many clients are eager to use WordPress because they’ve heard that it’s “easy” and of course, should be lower-cost. While that can be true, we’ve learned that WordPress business sites require us to help our client learn the ins and outs of free Open Source software, like WordPress. The results can be beautiful as well as make good business sense. The “getting there” takes time and consistent client education.

At TechTriad, we believe that an educated client is our best client. We have also learned that the ongoing updates to WordPress and plugins can be challenging.

All Fooked UpAll Fooked UpFor example, take the very funny blog/site, All Fooked Up by Lynn McDonald. Lynn is a prolific writer (and has a wicked sense of humor). A blog-based site was perfect for her. With her new TechTriad logo and her own color palette, we custom built a blog that she updates daily and often uses the “future publish” function in WordPress.

One day, she updated a plugin and boom! The SEO broke. Completely the plugin’s fault, we resolved it but Open Source users can’t be expected to understand that you have to disable plugins one at a time to find the culprit and then deal with that one.

WordPress websites require monitoring and users are going to need help, especially when WordPress issues a structural update.

TechTriad installs a WordPress backup plugin and sends monthly email to our clients to remind them if there is a WordPress update – and how to backup FIRST and then do the update. Whether it’s a plugin or a WordPress update, WordPress sites should never be advertised as easy or carefree.

Who makes the best WordPress site owner?

Sometimes, our clients are serious Web-savvy users and when they can do their own graphics without help, we sigh with relief. Yet even “web smart” site owners can run into certain WordPress difficulties with dueling plugins. With the WordPress site, CrossDrinker.com, the two site owners are equally “web smart” and have a long and successful history with all social platforms.


Cross DrinkerWhen WordPress updated and so did our clients, we learned that a critical plugin hadn’t been updated and we weren’t sure that the plugin developer was going to do so in a reasonable time period (for site owners, that usually means, TODAY). So we found the culprit, disabled it, and replaced it with another similar plugin and soon things worked fine again. Until THAT plugin developer fails to update in time…

WordPress site owners need to know that they are beholden to and depend on plugins. With a gazillion free plugins to choose from, sometimes they think they can choose any of the available ones (we encourage them to count the stars) and then a WordPress update scuttles their careful planning until the plugin developer gets a new version ready.

Welcome to the world of WordPress business websites and “free” software!