Go Pinestraw

Rescuing Domains

One of the most frustrating things TechTriad does is rescue domains (and websites) for our clients. In some cases, the domain slipped away because it wasn’t renewed by the owner who didn’t recognize the importance of the reminders. In other cases, a “disgruntled ex-someone” may have tried to take the domain on purpose. In still other cases, the company doesn’t know who registered the site or whose email address “owns” the domain.

Other problems include: unscrupulous web design firms who register YOUR domain in THEIR name, a college intern or volunteer who registered the domain for you in his or her own domain account and then you lost touch with the person, the rare case of when a registrar ‘goes under,’ and more and more reasons. Your domain is your brand. You need to know who controls it.

GoPinestrawDomain Rescued!

gopinestraw-smWe had a happy case of rescuing a domain for a Greensboro-area small business. Through no fault of theirs, their domain was inaccessible as a web firm seemed out of business and was definitely unresponsive. Through dogged determination and a domain owner who wouldn’t back down, we researched the individuals who were controlling the domain and our client “visited” them to enable the domain transfer to their own account.

TechTriad welcomes Chris Williams, owner-operator of GoPinestraw, to our clients. His domain is under his control and his site can now be updated and edited (the correct phone number and working contact form came first).