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Convention Technology

Whether or not you like political conventions, it’s easy to admire what effort and money go into their websites. The Democratic National Convention website served up almost-immediate video after every speech and provided at least 3 interactive features above-the-fold, including ‘watch live,’ ‘attend a watch party,’ and ‘download the mobile app.’ With plenty more as you scroll down, their impressive background photo was updated when a new image was available. (See the current/final background image here.) Now that it’s over, the homepage lists (with great pictures) the convention highlights.

The Republican National Convention website is somewhat less graphical and offers great social linking at the top and (now that it’s over) is lacking in post-convention ‘things to do’ on the site. In fact, the biggest above-the-fold interactive item is “Watch the Livestream,” which is strange for an event that’s finished. Their main sentence is, “History is being made in Tampa this week …”

There’s a big difference between the two sites and it shows what can be done to engage people after an event versus a sort of “ignored” feeling for a website. Too often, we have event sites and never give a reason to a visitor to return. There are a few other features that you see really quickly that impact what we see on the post-convention homepages:

  • Bolder (and more) colors in the Dem site
  • Background photography in the Dem site
  • A social share that slides down the page with you on the Rep site
  • Email signup box on the Rep site and an email update link on the Dem site
  • Much more photography/video links on the Dem site.

Take a look at them, side-by side.

Democratic National Convention website
Republican National Convention website