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First: Talk to the Pros

Talk to a pro first!

Dr. Sue Polinsky is an online pro. She speaks at conferences and helps businesses and nonprofits plan their online strategy. TechTriad’s Sue Polinsky is a recognized Online Strategist and is available to work with you to develop affordable plans that increase your online reach. Turn site visitors into paying customers, grow your online donations, use new tools and strategies. It all starts with TechTriad.

Step 2: Find Out More

So many things to consider!

Talk to a TechTriad expert and learn how a workshop can show you how to turn your site visitors into customers. We know how to integrate free and low-cost tools into your site and build custom landing pages for your Pay-Per-Click or Facebook ads. We can show you how to edit your own site with expert training. Need documentation or a training video? Contact TechTriad.

Step 3: Let’s Get Started!

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