Cemala Foundation

The Cemala Foundation’s New Face

It’s surprising how much back-end programming it takes to build a good Foundation site. The Cemala Foundation, one of Greensboro’s most active and civic-minded family foundations, has always provided a message-filled front, but few visitors recognize what it takes to build and maintain the back – the grant application and evaluation system – plus the Board members’ area.

When we redesigned The Cemala Foundation’s site recently, we upgraded every area, including a more modern and illustrative home page, content-filled inside pages, new features for the Board and most of all, upgraded the application and evaluation system. Our challenge was to provide “good look” with “great functionality” and “easy to update” while sorting out their treasure trove of documents and Foundation history.

Super kudos to Susan Schwartz, Executive Director, and Betty Day, Senior Program Officer, for their hard work in generating the site’s new content and our own graphic matching – getting great photos of downtown Greensboro, Center City Park and many more of their 6 areas of focus. The Cemala Foundation does incredible work on behalf of Greensboro and its citizens.

Saunders Law Firm TechTriad Website Design
Saunders Law Firm TechTriad Website Design