5 Reasons to Tweet

TechTriad tweets. We use Twitter for several reasons and it took a while to make sure our reasons were worth our time. Small businesses should make use of Twitter but should also be sure they’re getting results for their Tweet-time. Here’s our top five reasons for using Twitter.

  1. We need some information. Twitter usually gets us fast information, answers to questions or an occasional site preview in a particular mobile phone or iPad view.
  2. We’re looking for an employee with a particular skill. We’ve found several specialists needed for particular jobs on Twitter.
  3. We’ve got news or want to share news. Sharing news or getting news verified is one of big Twitter needs. We heard something about a new software development. Is it true? New SEO rules or policy. Is it accurate? Twitter friends have access to all sorts of information and often point us to the source. Invaluable!
  4. The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. TechTriad’s annual give-back accepts nominations during January and February. We want to spread the word. Twitter helps a lot and connects us with savvy media types, like Sheeka Strickland at FOX8, and reporters at the N+R. We appreciate their help spreading the word.
  5. Technical specialists who help & share. There are times our choice is to either bang our heads into keyboards or ask a question on Twitter and get an answer fast from those who occupy the rarefied air of geekdom. When something just won’t work, we ask our uber-geek friends and usually get it fixed fast.

Be a Twitter user, but have a purpose.